The original aim of Little League Football was to provide organised football for children regardless of ability and in a high quality environment. An inaugural meeting was arranged on 12th September 1976 by the National Executive (the controlling body of the overall Little League Football ® organisation).  Kingston Little League was formed in the late 1970's as part of a national structure across South London and the West Midlands. A committee was formed to help set up the league, and Kingston Little League kicked off their first official league games in January 1978. When we began, there were only six Senior League sides. The Bantams, the Intermediates and the Seven-a-sides were still to come!




Kingston Little League is one of the largest voluntary organisations for youth in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and the second largest Little League in England, contributing to the quality of life of local children and the local community at a very low cost and with no public subsidy.


WHAT WAS IT LIKE, BACK IN 1977? It may seem difficult to imagine what it was like way back then, but to be involved in a scheme that was fresh and new - and a great idea too - was very rewarding.


To see just how Kingston Little League has grown to become the second largest Little League in London/Surrey, let's do a little "time travelling"...


1977 - Our inaugural season began with six sides - Ambers (Lambs Lions), Dark Blues (International Imps), Light Blues (Hollidge United) Greens (Green Giants) Reds (Red Rovers) and Whites (Tommags Tornadoes). Whites, incidentally, changed to Maroons in our sixth year. This league is now known as the Senior League. Shown below is what was either the first game or a Cup final kicked off by Paul Garnett (Paul's son Charlie now plays in Little League) and the Mayor of Kingston at that time.



1978/79 - Due to the popularity of the league, a "Reserve League" had to be introduced the very next season. This became known as the Intermediate League, which in its first season had four teams. This number was increased to six sides the following year.


1979/80 - The Bantams begin! Young William Goodyear, who had recently left the Senior League team Ambers, gathered together a handful of players for informal kick-around on Dinton Field and started this "younger set". This would provide the entrance for newcomers to Kingston Little League.


1988 It's our 10th Anniversary and an especially big Gala Day celebration needed an especially big Programme. Now you can download it by clicking on the picture.


1997/98 - 18 years later, and in January 1997 two new teams the Whites (Knights) and Stripes (Paul Abbott) made their Intermediate debuts. Not long after that the Blue Hoops (the Chieftains) and the Oranges took the number of Intermediate teams to ten.


1998/99 - While the Seniors still had the customary six teams, the Intermediate reached the dozen mark, as Golds and Yellows (Canbury All-stars) were introduced. And so the Intermediate League was split into two divisions.


Surely, with 20 teams in all (Senior and Intermediate) we had reached our limit? No. The youngsters of Kingston were evidently thirsty for more. The very brave decision was taken to start a Seven-a-side League to ease the waiting list and to help the booming Bantams! So six Seven-a-side teams began in September 1998. They were the Maroons, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Amber and Green.


1999/2000 - A new pitch had to be squeezed in to accommodate six more Seven-a-side teams, and they were the Blue Hoops, Red Hoops, Oranges, Whites, Stripes and Yellow Tigers. So now we had two divisions, now called the Tudor End Division (nearest Tudor Drive) and the School End Division (nearest Latchmere School). This season was badly affected by very wet weather and many matches were postponed and league programmes curtailed because all the pitches were waterlogged. In fact Dinton Field - home of the Bantams - was often almost completely under water.


2000/2001 - This website was created and first uploaded. Designed for KLL by Michael Pryce, the Webmaster John Penberthy began updating and adding pages weekly. As the site developed photographs were added, and you can still find every picture if you check out the archives below! The idea was keenly taken up and Press Secretary Michael Macey wrote this History page and contributed to many of the others. It is he who weekly collated the results and tables for the site and for League and supplied them to the site and to the Surrey Comet.


2001/2002 - The 11-a-side Leagues were revamped to take into account a new ruling from the FA. that children could only play in teams with a two year age range. Accordingly the decision was taken to add yet another League to the structure. Now there were leagues for Under 14/13's, Under13/12's and Under 12//11's.


2002/2003 - At the start of the 2002/2003 season the leagues were renamed the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Leagues respectively. In addition two more 7-a-side teams were added - Celts and Golds, making 14 teams in total.


2003/2004 - The next season saw the re-organisation of the committee into the format used today. Mike England, the long serving secretary was appointed the KLL President and the new structure under Mike Arnaouti as Chairman started to run the League.


2004/2005 - The redevelopment of Dinton Field meant that Bantams needed to find a new home and KLL were grateful that Kew and Ham Sports Association were able to provide a temporary home. The annual Gala day was also kindly hosted at the same location. The Cup Finals were held at the Hawker Centre for the Juniors, Intermediates and Senior leagues.


2005/2006 - Although Dinton Field was scheduled to be ready by the start of the season there were problems that prevented its use and as a result Bantams continued to play at the Kew and Ham Sports Association grounds in Ham. Once again the Cup Finals were hosted by the Hawker Centre. The Gala Day was however successfully held at Dinton Field. John O'Neil, a local builder, became the Senior League Sponsor.


2006/2007 - The Bantams returned to Dinton Field. The KLL National squad reached the Quarter-Finals. KLL enter the Elm Grove Colts FC Tournament for the first time and the U9s win their final against a Surrey Sunday League team. U12s repeat the the feat by winning their final. The U14s reached the Semi-Final stage. Now Dark Blues won the first Surbiton Rotary Club 6-a-Side competition on Saturday 14th July, 2007. The first National U10s 6-a-Side competition was won by KLL defeating New Malden in the Final 3-1.


2007/2008 - Kingston Little Leagues celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Determined to provide football for girls who did not wish to play in mixed teams, KLL arranged training for girls with the aim of creating four teams by the end of season 2007-08. The second National U10s 6-a-Side competition was won by KLL once again defeating New Malden in the Final 2-1.The KLL National team reached the final of the National U13-U12 competition which they won. Teams participated in both the second Rotary Club of Surbiton Tournament at Elm Grove for a second year.


2008/2009 - Two new teams added to Sevens with the inclusion of Royals and Hawks. Sevens teams reduced to 9 per side which increased the numbers by 4. Girls football continued on Dinton Field but numbers prevented a league being formed. Girls entered two teams in the Seven-a-Side Cup competition post-Christmas. Kingston reached the final of the third National U10s 6-a-Side competition but lost on penalties 4-3. The KLL National team reached the final of the National U13-U12 competition which they lost 2-1. A 8-team summer league was held at Tiffin Girls School for Juniors and Sevens. All 8 summer teams participated in the third Rotary Club of Surbiton Football Tournament.


2009/2010 - Sadly our aim to get a Girls League started had to be put on temporary hold and those girls who wanted to continue were allocated to teams in Sevens and Juniors. KLL entered a number of tournaments and although our National U13/12 team could not repeat the heroics of the previous season in reaching the final they did their best.


In the National U10s however KLL reached the final for the fourth successive year but lost 2-1. In our fourth year of entering the Elm Grove Colts Tournament teams were entered from U9 to U14. The U12 and U13 both won their respective competitions. The fourth Rotary Club of Surbiton Tournament took place in Chessington with 8 teams from KLL playing.


2010/2011 - Girls football returned in the shape of our first all girls team to play in the Seven-A-Side league AvBuyer Red Hoops. Mike Arnaouti who had been Chairman since season 2003/04 had stood down at the end of the previous season and the reins were handed over to Kevin Galvin who had been the Sevens Co-ordinator since 2000/01 season. At the end of the first half of the season Sevens had a large waiting list and a development team were established - Cavaliers, they played friendly games each week and also participated in the Cup competition.


At Easter an U12 team was once again sent to The Netherlands hosted by our Dutch friends at Westlandia. Although KLL lost to the hosts on the traditional Friday night game, they played exceptionally well in the tournament that KLL were entered for on the Saturday finishing a credible 5th place. On Sunday the players and some travelling staff went to see the deciding game in the Dutch First Division.


In the National U13/12  KLL reached the Semi-Finals but were beaten 2-1 against Morden LL. In the National U10s KLL, managed by Chris Galvin, reached the final for the fifth successive year and defeated Raynes Park II in the final 4-1 to win Challenge Cup for third time. Kingston LL II, managed by Dan Galvin, reached the semi-finals of cup and lost 1-0 to Raynes Park LL II. (In this season a number of Little Leagues entered a second team). The Elm Grove Colts Tournament teams was entered for a fifth year with teams from U9 to U14, there were no winners this year. The fifth Rotary Club of Surbiton Tournament took place in Chessington with a changed format and only 6 teams including two from Kew Association playing. Despite the rain the competition was completed.



Girls Team 2010-11



NLL U10s Winners 2010-11 Season


2011/12 - Another great season for KLL although a shortage of numbers in our Intermediate league meant they went from 8 teams to 6. This was compensated by increasing the number of Senior teams to 8. We were still able to field an All-Girls team in Sevens. Also in Sevens Cavaliers replaced Celts.


At Easter we entertained a team from Westlandia to reciprocate our visit to them in the previous season. The traditional Friday night game was a close affair and although we lost 3-1 it could have gone either way. Both teams went to see Brentford FC on Saturday before participating in a 4-team tournament on the Sunday.


In the National U13-12 Competition KLL once again reached the final having won their group stage with wins against Wimbledon (4-1), Addiscombe (6-0) and Clapham (4-0) In the Semi-Final we played a strong Raynes Park team and won 2-0. Unfortunately we were unable to raise our game for the final against Morden who were a very strong side and we lost 4-1.


In the U10 Tournament at Sutton Goals we again entered two teams managed by Andy Findlater (KLL I) and Tom Harrison (KLL II). Neither side could repeat the success of the previous 5 years of reaching the final, and were eliminated at the Quarter-Final stage. KLL I losing 1-0 to Morden II and KLL II losing 2-0 to Morden I.


There were no other tournaments entered this season.


2012/13 - This season saw Little League go to U15-14 at Seniors and U13-12 in the Intermediate league. This change allowed Intermediates to go back up to 8 teams. As well as having an All-Girls team in 7-a-side we were able to establish one in the Junior league for this season although they would occasionally be short of players.


At Easter KLL sent a new squad of U12 boys, managed by Chris Galvin, to be hosted by our Dutch friends from Westlandia. After a long and tiresome journey we played the usual Friday evening game, where unfortunately for the boys we lost 6-1. The tournament took place the next day where KLL put in a fantastic performance throughout, playing lovely passing football in the process. The boys won all three group games and went through to the Final where they secured a 1-0 win and with that the trophy. This was the first time the boys from Kingston have won a Dutch tournament since the relationship between the two clubs began. On Sunday both Dutch and English boys took part in a survival activity that was enjoyed by all, which was followed up by a 5-a-side competition with boys from both teams mixed.


KLL once again participated in the National U13-12 Competition and had high hopes having reached the Final the previous year. The team started off a tough group which consisted of; Wimbledon, New Malden and Mitcham. It started well with a 2-0 win against Mitcham. Sadly the boys never really got going in the next two group games and lost their second game 3-1 against New Malden. in the final group game KLL had to win 4-0 against Wimbledon but were unable to find the net and Wimbledon ran out 3-0 winners. The boys finished second in their group but only the winning team go through to the Semi-Finals.


KLL were once again able to send two teams to the National Under 10's Tournament at Sutton Goals. KLL I was managed by Tom Harrison and KLL II by Joe Sallis-Chandler. KLL I made it to the Semi-Final of the Main competition were they were knocked out by the winners, Morden I. KLL II's day came to end when they were beaten in the Quarter-Finals of the Plate.

This season KLL entered a team into the Girls National Tournament which took place at Sutton Goals. The team was managed by Amanda Paish and Jack Moss. They played five games winning one and lost the other four games, however, they were the youngest team there.



NLL Girls Tournament 2012-13 Season


2013/14 - This season saw Little League continue to offer football for U15-14 (Seniors), U13-12 (Intermediate) playing 11-a-side, U12-U11 (Juniors) playing 9-a-side and U11 to U9 playing 7-a-side with two  leagues, one U11-U10 and the other U10-U9. In Juniors we were again able to field a girls team although they did not the benefit of one of the boys playing in goals each week. In Sevens we were able to form two all girls teams one in each league.


During this season it was our turn to host Westlandia, our Dutch counterparts. We played against them on Friday evening at the Hawker Centre where we drew 2-2. The next day we took them to watch West Ham against Crystal Palace, the game finished 0-1 to Palace. On the Sunday we ran a 6 team 11-a-side tournament with the following teams participating; Kew Association, Westlandia, Kingston Little League, Ewell Saxons, Shelton Athletic and Banstead Athletic Youth. The main competition was won by Westlandia who defeated Shelton Athletic and Kew Association won the plate against Banstead Athletic Youth. In the evening we took everyone on a bus tour around London and then wished Westlandia a safe trip back to Naaldwijk the next morning.


KLL entered a team into the National Little League U13-U12 Tournament. Kingston were entered into a group with Carshalton LL and Selsdon LL with Carshalton hosting the group stages. Unfortunately we lost the first game against Carshalton and with them beating Selsdon in the next game we were out before we played our next game. Despite Kingston being eliminated the team still performed to beat Selsdon and finish 2nd in the group. Carshalton did however go on the win the competition beating Morden LL in the final.


Our U10s participated in the NLL U10s Tournament on Saturday, 31st May 2014 at Goals in Sutton. KLL entered two teams, both of whom met in the 1st Round after the Group stage. Kingston I defeated Kingston II 3-0 and went into the Quarter-Finals of the Challenge Cup and Kingston II went into the Quarter-Finals of the Plate competition. Unfortunately Kingston II lost their semi-final game against New Addington after beating West Sutton II in the preceding game. Kingston I having defeated Carshalton I in their Quarter-Final, then had a very convincing win over West Sutton I in the Semi-Final before meeting Morden I in a thrilling final which they won 2-1. So once again KLL had won the Challenge Cup having last held it in 2011. KLL won before in 2007 (inaugural competition) and 2008 and played in the 2009 and 2010 Finals.



NLL U10s Winners 2013-14 Season


2014/15 - Little League began the season with our four leagues; Seniors (6 U15-U14 teams), Intermediates (8 U13-U12 teams), Juniors (8 U12-U11 teams) and 7-a-side (8 U11-U10 teams and 8 U10-U9 teams). KLL continued to offer Girls football in the form of one Junior team and two 7-a-side teams (one U11-U10 and one U10-U9 team).


At Easter it was Little Leagues turn to send up a new squad of players to our Dutch hosts at Westlandia. The team was managed by Chris Galvin and was assisted by Daniel Galvin and Gary Cheema. We arrived on the Friday after a tiresome journey and the team were introduced to their hosts and later on came back for the traditional game against Westlandia in the evening. Kingston worked hard and performed well going into half-time 0-0, after a lovely passing combination we took the lead. Unfortunately despite the whole team continuing to work hard we ended up losing 1-3. The next day Kingston participated in a four team tournament which also included our Dutch friends Westlandia. Unfortunately we finished 4th in the tournament but each team there were very strong. On the Sunday the team enjoyed an Easter breakfast together and later went off to participate in a variety of activities. In the evening everyone got together for a 6-a-side indoor tournament. There were four teams, each team were mixed between the Dutch and English players. We then said goodbye and travelled back on Monday.


KLL entered another side into the National Little League U13-U12 tournament where the team were drawn into a group with Morden LL and New Malden LL. Morden hosted the group stage on Saturday 18th April. The squad was managed by George Ozolins, Steve Flynn, Paul Queenan and Gary Cheema. Kingston started the tournament against the hosts where they won 9-2 and then followed up with a 2-0 victory over New Malden. Kingston progressed to the semi-finals which was played a week later on Saturday 25th April with Morden once again hosting. Kingston played Raynes Park LL in the semis and beat them 3-2 After Extra Time (2-2 at full time) to make it to the final. The defending champions Carshalton LL won their semi-final against Wallington LL to be Kingston's opponents in the final. Kingston won the game 5-0 winning the whole competition.


A U13-U12 team from Kingston was also entered into West Sutton LL's Anglo-Dutch Tournament. Kingston made it to the Semi-Finals but were knocked out by the Dutch side. Kingston Little League also entered two sides (Under 11 and Under 10) into Elm Groves Summer tournament. Our Under went all the way to the final but unfortunately they lost in a penalty shootout.


Once again Kingston Little League entered two sides into the NLL U10s Tournament which took place at Sutton Goals on Saturday 30th May 2015. Both teams progressed through the group stage with Kingston I finishing 1st and Kingston II 2nd. Kingston I went through to the Challenge Cup where they were eventually knocked out in the Semis. Kingston II were knocked out of the 1st Round into the Plate where they made it to the Semis before defeat. Unfortunately Kingston were not able to successfully defend the Cup that they had won last year but hopefully the trophy will return next year.



NLL U13-U12 Winners 2014-15 Season


2015/16 - The season began at Kingston Little League with four leagues offering football to Under 15's down to Under 9's. The four leagues are the same as last season; Seniors (8 U15-U14 teams), Intermediates (8 U13-U12 teams), Juniors (8 U12-U11 teams) and 7-a-side (8 U11-U10 teams and 8 U10-U9 teams). KLL continue to offer Girls football in the form of one Junior team and one 7-a-side team in the U11-U10 age group. We also have a number of girls playing in Intermediates and Seniors.


At Easter Kingston Little League hosted our Dutch counterparts from RKVV Westlandia. The team was managed by Chris Galvin and was assisted by Daniel Galvin. They arrived on the Friday were introduced to their hosts came back later for the traditional game against Westlandia in the evening. Kingston pressed their opposition well and to great effect as they went into the break 4-1 up. A few changes were made to freshen up the team and regain some structure that was lost, the match finished 7-2 to Kingston. The next day the players were taken up to Thorpe Park for the day and some went bowling in the evening organised by some of the parents. On the Sunday both teams participated in a four team tournament with RKVV Westlandia finishing 2nd. The other three teams were made up mostly of KLL players but also a few from Kew Association FC. On the Monday everyone said their goodbyes and our friends departed back to Naaldwijk, Holland.


KLL supported the National Little League U13/U12 tournament again and attempted to defend their title which was won the previous season. Kingston were drawn into a group with Selsdon LL and . Unfortunately they were not able to progress past the group stage this season.


Kingston Little League entered two sides into the NLL U10s Tournament. Kingston I finished 2nd to progress into the main competition and Kingston II, 5th to compete for the plate. Kingston I went through all the way to the Challenge Cup final but lost to Raynes Park II. Kingston II were knocked out in the Quarter Final of the Plate by Sutton II.


2016/17 - At the start of the season KLL had four leagues; Seniors (6 U15/U14 teams), Intermediates (8 U13-U12 teams), Juniors (8 U12-U11 teams) and 7-a-side (8 U11-U10 teams and 8 U10-U9 teams). Unfortunately this season Kingston Little League do not have a girls team in any league but we do have a number of girls playing mixed football in Seniors, Intermediates, Juniors and Sevens. Despite on paper seemingly having sufficient players in the Senior League it was became obvious as the season began that numbers were down and the decision was taken to reorganise as a 5-team league with each team playing two shorter games. Similar problems were faced in Sevens and as a result we reduced from 16 to 12 teams with six teams in each age grouping.


For the first time KLL hosted a group stage in the National U13/U12 Tournament. We were unfortunate to have to play three of the stronger leagues; Morden (the eventual winners), Carshalton and Clapham LLs. Once again we were unable to progress beyond the group stage but all three games were very close and losing 2-1 against a strong Morden LL meant we were going to struggle to qualify as the best place runners-up in the three groups that were being played. We finished second in the group, with 3 points, on goal difference.


KLL sent a brand new team to Holland at Easter to be hosted by our friends from Naaldwijk. We lost the Friday game to Westlandia 6-1 and finished 8th in the tournament on Saturday. We watched Westlandia's first team play after the tournament in a game where they won 3-1 and then in the evening we were taken to watch PSV v ADO Den Haag in the Dutch Eredivisie. On Sunday both teams were given a traditional Easter breakfast and then were taken to De Tuinderij to take part in some fun activities. The team said their goodbyes and travelled back home on Easter Monday.


Kingston Little League once again entered two sides into the NLL U10s Tournament. Kingston II finished 2nd in their group only to be knocked out of the Main Quarter Final by Kingston I. Kingston II then had to play immediately after against Morden I in a Plate Preliminary game which they lost 5-1. Kingston I topped their group and went all the way to the final where they beat Carshalton I 3-2 to win their 5th Nationals title at the U10 level.




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