Girls Football




Up until the 2009-10 season Kingston Little League had 28 girls playing football and at times had been able to form three or four 7-a-side teams. Unfortunately despite wishing to build on that early enthusiasm we have fewer girls wishing to play in all girls teams. So for season 2009-10 we had to absorb those girls wishing to play into mixed teams.


 We still wish to expand the participation in order create to a 6-team league but this will be a much slower process than first envisaged. For  2010-11 season we have begun by having one all-girls team in the Seven-A-Side League - AvBuyer Red Hoops.


Our next step is to increase that to two or three teams so we will need girls  from Years 4, 5, 6 and 7 from 1 Sep 2011.


Contact the Secretary if you want to know more about Girls football.



AvBuyer Red Hoops 2012-13



AvBuyer Red Hoops 2010-11




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