Gala Day


Gala Day 2017


Gala Day 2017 took place on Sunday 11th June at Dinton Field.


As usual a number of raffle prizes remained unclaimed at the end. If you are a winner please contact the .


Unclaimed Raffle Tickets


Yellow 367 (Serial Number AS 110233) - Two Tickets for England Game

White 401 (Serial Number A25H BJ4V) - Tennis Racket & Cover

White 404 (Serial Number A25H BJ4V) - Tennis Racket

White 436 (Serial Number A25H BJ4V) - Jaguar Weekend 

Light Orange 246 (Serial Number AS 111258) - Gray Nichols Cricket Bat & Cover


Gala Day 2016


Gala Day 2016 took place on Sunday 12th June at Dinton Field. The weather in the morning was not good but it brightened up from midday. It appeared that those participating despite the weather were enjoying themselves although many of the parents may have found the light rain a pain.


Gala Day 2015


The 2015 Gala Day will took place on Sunday 7th June at Dinton Field. The weather was excellent and for those who were able to participate they seemed to have a great time. We were also delighted to see the return of CoffeePod who now have a new mode of transport as seen in the photograph below and rebranded as Street Coffee. They will once again provide speciality coffees in 2015-16 season after a two year absence.





Gala Day 2011


The Kingston Little League Gala Day for 2011 was held on Sunday 12th June at Dinton Field.


Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors participated in 5-a-side games and Sevens played as normal. There were Main and Plate competitions at each level.


Despite the rain a successful event took place.


Gala Day 2010


Kingston Little League held their 2010 Gala Day on Sunday 13th June at Dinton Field. Again it was another successful event.


Gala Day 2009


The 2009 Gala Day took place on Sunday 14th June 2009. It was a successful day and everyone seemed to have a fun time.



The Chairman, Mike Arnaouti,  proves to be a dab hand on the BBQ




A Sevens player takes a break on an inflatable ball







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