Bantams start back on 17th September 2016 at Dinton Field.

Photos from 2014 Final Day Tournament

Photos from 2015 Final Day Tournament

Photos from 2016 Final Day Tournament


Bantams - 2016-17


The Bantams is the ideal training ground for young girls and boys between 6 and 8 who want to play football - regardless as to their ability.


With dedicated coaching, the Bantams are taught the basics of football as well as those skills which they will need when they enter the more competitive 7-A-Side league. Starting at 10:00 every Saturday, the players are given skill training, such as dribbling, passing, tackling and so on. They end the season with a tournament where new skills are tested and proved.


End of Season Tournament 2016



Bantams in Action - Saturday 14 May 2016



Bantams Trophy Winners - Saturday 14 May 2016





Bantams play on Dinton Field as shown shown below.




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