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What is Little League Football?


Little League Football ® is a national organisation. Its main objective is to provide organised football, as governed by the FA, to both boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 15 years. We are also fortunate in Kingston Little League in being able to offer Bantams to our younger members aged between 5 and 9.


The main difference between Little League Football ® and other football bodies is that no-one is picked on ability; we give everyone the opportunity to play as long as they want to.


Kingston Little League provide an environment for children to enjoy their football and have fun with their friends. Whilst there is a competitive element involved, the KLL ethos is more on sportsmanship, friendship and fun and where winning isn't everything.


Where does KLL play?


Kingston Little League play mainly on Latchmere Recreation ground, Latchmere Road/Lane in North Kingston. We also use Dinton Field, which has pitches and a clubhouse managed by Kingstonian Youth Trust, which KLL are members of.


The Bantams play on Dinton Field and KLL hold its annual Gala Day on Dinton.


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Kingston map of grounds


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Parking is available outside Latchmere School and around the fence line of the park. Please be aware of the residential areas around the field.


How to Contact KLL


If you wish to join KLL, use this link


To contact Kingston Little League, the easiest way is to use one of the email addresses below:

Chairman -

Secretary -

Webmaster -


Structure 2017-2018 Season


Kingston Little League consists of sets of teams formed into leagues based on age, each team being identified by shirt colour and, when available, their sponsor's name:


Football Association (FA) rules say that football should only be played with teams consisting of children with a 2 year age range in any one team and that mixed-sex teams can only play together up to age U16.


Senior League: 8 teams for Under 15's and Under 14's

Dark Blues, Golds, Greens, Light Blues, Maroons, Reds, Stripes, Whites

Intermediate League: 8 teams for Under 13's and Under 12's play 9-a-side football

Blues, Golds, Greens, Maroons, Pink Panthers, Reds, Stripes, Whites


Junior League: 8 teams for Under 12's and Under 11's play 9-a-side football

Dark Blues, Greens, Maroons, Oranges, Purple Cobras, Reds, Stripes, Yellow Tigers


7-A-Side: 12 Mini-soccer teams for Under 11's, Under 10's and Under 9's

Russell-Cooke Ambers, Blue Hoops, Cavaliers, Celts, Dark Blues, Eagles, Golds, Light Blues, Oranges,  Reds, Royals, Stripes


Bantams (Dinton)

Around 100 children from age 5 years and over take part in their weekly training sessions on Dinton Field.



Administration 2018-19



Kevin Galvin
Secretary & Webmaster
Daniel Galvin
Duncan Hyde
Vice Chairman,
 Football Development, Tournaments, Child Welfare, Referee Secretary
Chris Galvin
  Communications Officer

Nationals Coordinator

George Ozlins

Senior Coordinator

Chris Galvin

Senior Coordinator

Dan Young

Intermediate Coordinator
Steve Flynn
Intermediate Coordinator
George Ozolins
Junior Coordinator

Daniel Galvin

7-A-Side Coordinator

Harry Mellors

Bantams Coordinator
Natalie Morgans
Honorary President
Mike England



Data Protection & Privacy


Kingston Little League (KLL) is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.


KLL needs to process certain information about its players, parents and other individuals it has dealings with for administrative purposes (e.g. to maintain player records, to administer league and team fixtures, to collect fees, and to comply with legal obligations to National Little League, the FA and government).


KLL will ensure that personal data is collected and used fairly, stored safely and securely and is not disclosed to unauthorised third parties (which includes family members, friends, government bodies, and in certain circumstances, the Police).


From time to time photographic images (still or video) of players, teams, managers and/or parents will be taken and processed by KLL. These images may be used on the KLL web site or may be used by authorised media representatives for use in press or television reports, only in the interest of promoting youth football in the local community. For further details see the Child Welfare Section which provides a comprehensive policy statement on photography in accordance with FA Guidelines.


Web Links

Below are a selection of links to organisations that you may find interesting or useful. If you have any that you would like to have added, please feel free to e-mail them to us.


Little League Football The National Little League Website
The FA The governing body of football

Surrey FA KLL are affiliated to Surrey FA.
Fulham FC The local Championship team


Local Clubs


Kew Association Football Club

Kingstonian Youth



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